Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Web2.0 applications presentation

I made a simple presentation to enumerate few of the web2.0 application that encourage community content contributions. There are hundreds of community driven web2.0 applications, I just named a few. I selected one applciation per content type.

Blog services: www.blogger.com
Photos: www.flickr.com
Bookmarks: Del.icio.us
Videos: YouTube.com
Podcasts: Odeo.com
Presentations: www.slideshare.net
PDF documents: www.scribd.com

And of course the single most important web application is "Google Reader", which allows you to get the latest updates in one place.
RSS Reader: www.google.com/reader

Two most important features in all the mentioned applications; first they all support RSS feeds so you can subscribe and get the latest updates; Second, you can embed the content you uploaded whither it's photos, links, video, presentations, or even pdf, you can embed all these type of content right into your blog. You only have to copy and paste the code from the content page.

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